Feed 100% Organic, Feed Goodness

100% organic and vegan, Foliar Essence is carefully extracted from organic soybeans, organic rice and organic sugarcane to provide a readily absorbable form of supplemental plant nutrients important for healthy plant development and pest-resistance support. Our foliar spray is ideal for organic and vegan (those who grow without any animal-based fertilizers or animal-based amino acids) cultivators as well as conventional growing, as it ensures that your propagation gets its maximum nutrients resulting in:

  • Up to 20% increased yields
  • Supreme crystal coverage
  • Increased growth
  • Improved flavor and aroma
  • Lighter environmental impact

With the correct application method, Foliar Essence can increase your product yields by up to 20%. How? Foliar Essence will increase your plant’s root set, support your own plant’s natural ability to produce thicker stems at the base, create bigger, more compact buds, and allow the plant to carry more weight resulting in a highly desirable “egg shaped” plant. Once you start treating your plants with Foliar Essence you will see results almost immediately; within 48 hours. Foliar Essence will also increase your plant’s ability to resist stress from nutrient deficiency, over-watering, under-watering, sudden changes in temperature, inconsistent ph levels, mold, and pests.


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Power up your plants with Foliar Essence

There are a few things to know about the art of foliar spraying. Foliar Essence is a spray that is applied directly to the leaves, since nutrients are absorbed more directly through the plant’s stoma (open pores). It is essential to spray with mist-style sprayers. The smaller the water particles are, the better response you will achieve from your plants.
Clones, young plants, seedlings, and every plant in its vegetative state will experience immediate benefits from weekly, one-time applications of Foliar Essence throughout key growing stages. Start spraying seedlings after the first 2-3 real leaves appear. You can drench your clones in a treatment of Foliar Essence before transplanting them. Clones benefit from Foliar Essence treatments because since they aren’t rooted, they require the supplemental nutrients as a means to develop roots and avoid yellow discoloration.

Please note: Only use Foliar Essence on plants you are planing to grow for harvesting, not mother plants. Incorrect use can lead to early blooming which can lead to hermaphrodites. 
We recommend that you apply Foliar Essence throughout the vegetative stages and if you like, you can continue to apply into the first two weeks of the generative stage. Your plants will naturally secrete a resin for insulation when the environment is hot and dry. This keeps the plant cool. If you decide to use Foliar Essence during flowering, then it’s important to decrease the temperature of the plants to avoid mixing fertilizer with the resin. That’s why we recommend using Foliar Essence from vegetative state until about two weeks into flowering.

When your plants run into trouble, use Foliar Essence. We’ve done extensive testing and found that spraying with Foliar Essence is great for quickly correcting nutrient deficiencies because of how fast absorption occurs through the leaves. The results will be almost immediate.
Like all living things, plants need a variety of macro and micronutrients to be at their best. Make sure your plants are getting the vitamins, chelated minerals and trace elements they require with our 100% organic and vegan foliar spray.