Our Story

Our journey began on a trip to southeast asia, many years ago, where we discovered cultures rich with other-worldly history, golden temples, and fields of lush crops everywhere, gleaming in the sun, vibrantly green, and boosted by the pure power of nature. It seemed everything grew better in these far away lands, especially rice, soybeans and sugarcane.  What was it that made everything grow so well?  Being curious, and cultivators of our own green plants back in Amsterdam, we were inspired to harness nature’s essential growing stimulants. From this idea we were able to combine organic soybeans, rice, and sugarcane nutrients into a powerful concentrate, that when combined with trace elements from a proprietary blend of other fast growing plants, gave our propagation at home extraordinary growing power, in a foliar spray. We continued exploring the transformative power of nature’s pure, essential, plant-boosting amino acids and shared our new knowledge with other growers, and from it came a successful “grow” following stretching from Amsterdam throughout Europe.

Using that same 100% organic and vegan concentrate, we began exploring other markets, like the US, which is increasingly opening up to the cultivation of organic crops. The response from professional growers has been profound and our growth from these humble roots continues to be mind-blowing.  Every day we are grateful to continue sharing our growing experience with this amazingly effective concentrate. We seek to remain passionately dedicated to an eco-conscious philosophy of celebrating the pure essence of our plants, and serving as a beacon of education through awareness, and through the powerful benefits of organic and vegan cultivation.


Why are you called Foliar Essence?


Our product is an extremely effective growth promoter, which you apply by foliar spray. Something that we want to make clear is that it’s not a fertilizer, nor is it meant to replace your fertilizer program, but using Foliar Essence will support your plants in root set, and support overall vitality, lessening the amount of fertilizer required. We named our foliar spray, Foliar Essence because of its almost incredible ability to increase a plant’s essential oils due to the plant regulators and hormones in the makeup of the nutrients. As many cultivators know, essential oils are a fundamental part of a crop. Not only can extracted oils be extremely valuable, but these same oils serve as the plant’s defense system and oils oxygenate the plant and carry nutrients, vital elements and chemical constituents to every cell in the plant. They contain each of the plant’s healing nutrients including trace minerals, vitamins, hormones, amino acid precursors and other components. These support the plant's natural ability to destroy infections, stave off infestations, initiate and maintain growth and repair structural damage. The essential oil of the plant is literally the vital force of the plant, and Foliar Essence helps to increase it. 

What makes Foliar Essence different than any other nutrient product on the market?

With Foliar Essence, we take our passion for the environment and social-well being a step further by focusing on health & nutrition through providing a 100% organic and non-chemical, non-toxic, no heavy metals, product. We focus on sustainability by offering a concentrate, on conservation, by ensuring the cultivation of amazingly strong and stress resistant plants. It is so effective at providing growth stimulation and a healthier green plant that you can expect 20% - 50% less reliance on fertilizer use, bringing down your costs and lessening the environmental impact of chemical fertilizers.  In addition to our foliar spray being 100% organic, it’s also 100% vegan—use it confidently to feed your plants, and supply them to create your delicious 100% organic edible products! Get ready to grow amazingly strong, and healthy green plants.

Let’s talk ingredients, what’s in Foliar Essence and why is it healthy for my plants?

You bet! Instead of adding synthetic vitamins, and chemical by-products, and additives, our Foliar Spray contains only natural elements derived from organic soybeans, rice, and sugarcane, as well as nutrients derived from a proprietary blend of other fast-growing plants. Adding Foliar Essence to your plant grow cycle will produce the highest, purest, and most pure quality plants.

After I dilute Foliar Essence with water and use it to spray my plants, can I reuse any mix that is left over?

Foliar Essence is a concentrate. It is 100% natural and plant-based, and being so, it is highly perishable. If you have mixed enough for your spraying needs, you won’t have any left over, but if you do, you can use it within 24 hours. It loses its strength over time after dilution. We recommend that you always keep your bottles of Foliar Essence in a cool dry place, and dilute only before each one-time spray application.

When is the best time to apply Foliar Essence?

The ideal time for spraying Foliar Essence is the early morning, or early dusk if you’re growing outside, and during the first hour of turning on lights if you’re growing inside. The stomata open when the light is on your plants, allowing the leaves to readily absorb the nutrients. Spraying is not recommended when temps are at or above 80 degrees.

How do nutrients in Foliar Essence compare to those derived from “sea nutrients”?

Foliar Essence is a growth promoter. Its basic building blocks are plant-based amino acids and micronutrients, as well as sugar from sugarcane. Products that contain sea nutrients and include fish, are obviously not vegan, and have animal-based amino acids. Also, components in sea-derived nutrients often contain fish, kelp, and other sea nutrients which lack sugar. Sugar is needed to regulate the plant’s growth processes, and although sea nutrient products claim to increase growths and yields, they will provide a short-lived growth spurt, when compared to Foliar essence, which provides a longer, sustained, increase in growth, and a larger yield.